• Silent Garage Door Tips

    One of the most bothersome aspects of having a garage door is the amount of noise it makes whenever it is in operation. You can be coming in from work to a loud rattling sound or taking an afternoon nap when a sudden screeching sound wakes you up from your slumber. To say the least,…

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  • 5 Garage Door Restoration Methods

    That garage door you’ve been neglecting is begging to be resuscitated. How would you feel if you were left vulnerably exposed to the unpredictable elements with no one to assist you? Your once-sturdy hinges will rust away, that once-vibrant paint will be mercilessly peeled, and your overall allure will be long gone. Well, to ensure…

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  • 6 Routine Garage Door Maintenance Tips

    If you aren’t keen on spending money on garage door repairs, you can implement routine garage door maintenance practices to keep your garage door in pristine condition. Regularly caring for your garage door can prevent issues that might result in repair or replacement services. There are countless ways to care for your garage door, but…

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