6 Routine Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If you aren’t keen on spending money on garage door repairs, you can implement routine garage door maintenance practices to keep your garage door in pristine condition. Regularly caring for your garage door can prevent issues that might result in repair or replacement services. There are countless ways to care for your garage door, but not all of them are user-friendly.

6 Routine Garage Door Maintenance Tips

While not all forms of routine garage door maintenance are DIY-friendly, quite a few of them can still be done yourself. Here are six routine garage door maintenance tips you can start implementing:

1. Clean The Tracks

Tracks keep your garage door in place when it is in motion. Any interference in the tracks can lead to misaligned tracks, worn-out rollers, and a litany of other potential issues. For this reason, it’s important to clean your garage door tracks, especially when debris starts to visibly accumulate. While cleaning the tracks, keep an eye out for any signs of rust so you can remove and prevent it right away. Once you’ve removed debris from the tracks, you’ll want to spray brake cleaner on them to prevent rust, use a toothbrush to get out smaller amounts of grime, and finally wipe it all down with an old rag.

2. Inspect And Tighten Hardware

You also want to inspect your door for any signs of loose or worn-out hardware. Take the time to tighten loose hardware and, if you have the means to do so, replace any hardware that’s visibly worn out. As far as hardware is concerned, stick to doing this procedure with nuts and bolts and other manageable parts, while other parts like cables and track brackets should be inspected and addressed by a professional garage door technician. 

3. Lubricate Springs, Hinges, And Rollers

One of the most tried and true routine garage door maintenance tips to follow is lubricating springs, hinges, rollers, and other moving parts. You will want to use silicone spray or, if you aren’t able to access silicone-based lubricant, lithium grease. 

4. Check The Opener

You also want to find time to check your garage door opener. The last thing you want is to find yourself caught off-guard by an opener that refuses to work. For this reason, you should purchase extra batteries so you can easily replace them at a moment’s notice. You should do the same for your garage door remote and keypad, too. 

5. Replace Weatherstripping

If you live in a place like Houston, which tends to be subject to unpredictable weather, you want to ensure that your weatherstripping is in good condition. If there is any wear and tear in your weatherstripping, you will want to replace it sooner rather than later. That’s why you should have extra pieces of weatherstripping so you don’t have to wait too long to replace them.

6. Clean The Garage Door Panels

Finally, a clean garage door is the best way to easily maintain your home’s curb appeal. For this last maintenance tip, you will want to take time to clean your garage door panels. All you need is a large sponge or towels, regular mild soap, a bucket of water, and a hose. Be mindful of what soap you use to clean your garage door panels to avoid any adverse reactions to the material of your garage door. 

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Garage Door Solutions Repairs Is Here To Help With Your Routine Garage Door Maintenance!

Hopefully, these six garage door maintenance routines will make a difference in reducing the need for repair and replacement services. However, there will be some situations that will ultimately require professional attention. When this happens, contact us at Garage Door Solutions Repairs for the best garage door services in Houston.

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