Garage Door Track Adjustment In Houston: A Guide

Without tracks, your garage door would be unstable in its movement and barely operational. It would also be unsafe to use. It is thanks to this part of your garage door that you can expect smooth opening and closing without incident. Of course, there are times when garage door track adjustment in Houston is absolutely necessary. 

But how do you know when to seek garage door track adjustment in Houston? What steps are involved in this process, and why should you hire a professional to take care of this task? All of these questions will be answered in this guide to garage door track adjustment in Houston. 

Signs Your Garage Door Tracks Need Adjusting 

Before diving into the track adjustment process, it’s important to know how to tell if your garage door tracks need this service. The first sign of garage door tracks in poor shape is that your garage door is crooked or visibly off-balance during operation. The second is that you hear your door squeak as a result of the chafing against the rubber molding. Finally, your tracks might need adjusting if the door binds during opening. 

Garage Door Track Adjustment In Houston: A Guide

Now that you know the major signs of a garage door in need of track adjustment services, you’re ready to go through the steps required for garage door track adjustment in Houston. 

1. Inspect The Garage Door Tracks

Before you even start the adjustment process, you want to take time to inspect the current condition of your garage door tracks. This step will allow you to determine what’s causing problems with your garage door tracks in the first place. That way, you can properly address the issue at hand. 

2. Disconnect The Garage Door Opener

For your safety, you want to disconnect the garage door opener before beginning your garage door track adjustment. Start by turning off the garage door opener. Once it’s powered off, you can proceed to disconnect it from the power. Now, you won’t have to worry about accidentally setting off your garage door opener during the adjustment process. 

3. Clean The Hardware 

Before starting the adjustment itself, you want to ensure that the garage door hardware, including the tracks, is nice and clean. The last thing you want to deal with is debris and dirt getting in the way of the door’s functionality. After cleaning with mild dish soap and water, you can officially start adjusting your garage door tracks. 

4. Adjust The Tracks 

Using a screwdriver, you will loosen the screws that secure the tracks to the bracket. You don’t want them so loose as to cause the tracks and brackets to fall apart—just enough so that you can properly adjust them. For the adjustment part, you will gently pound a rubber mallet against the track to adjust the position and/or angle of the tracks until they are properly aligned once more. You will then use the screwdriver to retighten the tracks against the bracket. Afterward, you can reconnect your garage door opener and test how your garage door moves with newly adjusted tracks. 

Why Hire A Professional To Adjust Your Garage Door Tracks? 

Since this guide lays out the steps to adjust your garage door tracks, you might assume that this task can be DIY-ed. However, experts recommend that you hire a professional for this job. A professional garage door technician has access to specialized equipment and experience working with out-of-shape garage door tracks. Furthermore, they will adjust them correctly the first time around, allowing you to save money you would otherwise spend having a technician correct your mistakes. 

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